Hear from aviation professionals in their own words about the value of earning their Safety Manager Certificate – both for themselves and for their companies.

“The NBAA Safety Manager Certificate Program is a very credible first step in the education of an aviation safety manager. The emphasis is on safety management education. The program provides a comprehensive foundation upon which the prospective safety manager may build in her bid to become a safety professional. I recommend the NBAA Safety Manager Program without reservation.”

Michael Atzert President, SafeCoach, LLC

“I would recommend the Safety Manager Certificate to friends and colleagues that have a desire to be a part of the safety community or if they currently work as a safety manager, safety officer, or serve on their department’s safety committee or advisory boards. This is also a nice credential to have personally, as this certificate states that you have greater than a baseline understanding of modern SMS and applications.”

Len Lecompte Safety Manager, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

“The course content is appropriate for a new safety manager, an experienced safety manager and everyone in between. If you’re just beginning development of your safety management system, this program will help you jump-start your efforts and save you from having to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ If you manage a mature SMS, I’m confident you’ll find suggestions on how to further enhance your program.”

Mark C. McIntyre, CAM Director, Flight Operations, Mente

“NBAA’s Safety Manager Certificate Programs offers invaluable training for everyone in your organization to have a better understanding of the fundamentals of safety management. Whether as initial or refresher training, I am making it required training for every member of our team.”

David J. Rimmer, CAM CEO, AB Aviation Group

“If you are truly committed to a culture of safety and the ALARP concept in business aviation then I would urge you – no matter what position you hold in our industry – to obtain your NBAA Safety Manager Certificate. Be the change you want to see in minimizing risk in your operation.”

Nick W. Verdea, CAM

“I highly recommend the NBAA Safety Manger Certificate program to colleagues in aviation. The self-paced learning structure is a big help when trying to extract all of the knowledge packed into the program. The material was new and engaging, even for myself as a technician. The program used a big lens to look at safety as a function of the entire flight operation versus just flying.”

Geoffrey Green The Procter & Gamble Company

“As a practitioner of aviation safety since attending U.S. Navy Aviation Safety School last century, I still found the NBAA program beneficial. I valued the contributions and perspectives of each of the presenters – for example, Don Chupp’s insistence that ERP is a ‘program’ and not just a ‘plan.’ My safety manager colleague and I used the certification program as measuring stick for our operation with an eye towards continuous improvement.”

Marty Rollinger, CAM Director of Flight Operations

“The NBAA Safety Manager Certificate Program is a valuable experience both for those new to safety roles as well as those with many years of safety management experience. The self-paced program is very interactive and supplemented by several scheduled live online sessions with instructors. Plus, the course materials made available to course participants will continue to be excellent materials for future reference.”

Patrick Moylan Vice President of Safety, Jet East, A Gama Aviation Company

“I would recommend any candidate – not just the department safety manger – to achieve the NBAA Safety Manager Certification. The course provides a baseline safety understanding and tools to build or enhance a safety culture within any aviation organization.”

Ray Bennett, CAM Vice President Sales, Four Corners Aviation

“The NBAA Safety Manager Certificate Program is tailored to suit individuals with varying work schedules and with operations all over the world. For those operating in time zones outside of the U.S., like myself, the course material was easily accessed in your own time and presentations from the expert speakers were recorded, so they were easily viewed.

“The course content was well structured and gave a good grounding on how to fulfill your role as a safety manager within a business aviation operation.”

James Russell Pilot/Safety Manager, Asian Corporate Aviation Management Pte Ltd.

“I would recommend this program to any aviation professional. This had a great deal of detail in reference to leadership and safety. I would have enjoyed attending this course in person if that was an option. Although with everyone’s busy schedule, it was nice to complete at my own pace.”

Michael Brodeur Interlaken Capital Aviation Services