Brandi Drain – 2022 Business Aviation Top 40 Under 40 Award Recipient

Cabin Attendant Category

Brandi Drain
Lead Cabin Attendant, Clay Lacy Aviation

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Brandi Drain first learned of business aviation through a family friend who was a cabin attendant as well as a pilot. She inspired Drain to start at the entry level as a ground services attendant where she learned of the various detailed tasks, requests and rewards that arise from this career. Her current role as the lead cabin attendant allows her to give back through mentoring of others.

“My ability to be of service to my company’s clients and employees is what I find most rewarding about my career,” said Drain. “In my role as the lead cabin attendant, my acts of service have shifted to ensure that not only our clients but our cabin attendants, my mentees and colleagues are happy with the culture we provide.”