Joe LoRusso – 2022 Business Aviation Top 40 Under 40 Award Recipient

Business Management Category

Joe LoRusso
Attorney/Director, Ramos Law Firm – Aviation Division

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Joe LoRusso has been flying since before he was legally able to drive. The 2008 recession spurred him to start a flight school with two friends at the age of nineteen. He attended law school, then, with his wife, started an aviation law firm before joining the Ramos Law Firm in Colorado as the director of aviation law. LoRusso continues to fly, including flying an atmospheric research Learjet.

“Aviation is more than a career or a hobby, it is an identity,” said LoRusso. “It truly is an honor to represent these individuals from a legal standpoint, and it truly is an honor to share the sky with them as well. ‘Rewarding’ is simply not a strong enough term.”