Myrthe Simons – 2023 Business Aviation Top 40 Under 40 Award Recipient

Business Management

Myrthe Simons
Aircraft Manager, Clay Lacy Aviation

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Myrthe Simons is passionate about excellent customer service. That passion led to an internship in business aviation with Clay Lacy Aviation, where she was welcomed to the industry by a team of seasoned professionals. She began her career working in the aircraft management division, providing research, analysis and support in various sales and operations projects, which gave her exposure to different aspects of the business and prepared her for the director of aircraft management role she currently holds.

“Business aviation attracts hardworking, dynamic and intelligent professionals who embrace the industry’s complexities and are motivated by its challenges and opportunities to push boundaries – and collaboration is a key driver of success,” said Simons. “To be a part of this community and the opportunity to work with stakeholders from all corners of the industry fuels my passion.”