Dec. 6, 2013

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen will represent the interests of the companies of all sizes using business aviation at a Dec. 12 hearing before the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee’s Aviation Subcommittee on “The State of American Aviation” in the year ahead.

“This meeting provides the subcommittee with an opportunity to take a ‘snapshot’ of the current state of the aviation industry at year-end, and as we look ahead to 2014,” said Dick Doubrava, NBAA director, legislative affairs. Other scheduled participants include the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and Airlines 4 America.

Among the issues Bolen is expected to highlight is the state of the industry’s continuing, though gradual, economic recovery and the upcoming challenges as another round of budget sequestration looms.

“Funding is a significant concern,” said Doubrava, “especially as we’ve seen this year that a number of the cuts involved appeared to be aimed at general aviation. That includes the proposed closure of contract control towers earlier in the year, and more recently the closure of the FAA Aircraft Registry Office during the October government shutdown.”

Bolen and other NBAA representatives frequently testify on Capitol Hill about matters affecting the business aviation industry. As one example, in early October this year Bolen appeared before the House small business committee to discuss not only the significant economic contributions from business aviation, but also to highlight the challenges facing the industry due to the government shutdown then taking place. Read more about Bolen’s Oct. 3 testimony before the House Small Business Committee.

NBAA will advise through its social media channels of any live streaming video available for the event.