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Battling a Bad Plan for Business Aviation

The calendar’s half-year mark always presents a moment to assess the opportunities and challenges confronting business aviation. In 2024, there has been no greater threat to the industry than the Biden administration’s troubling policy proposals for our sector, and it’s never been more important that we mobilize against the attack they represent.

Here’s what’s at stake. Earlier this year, the administration announced plans to target business aviation with punitive tax treatment, including a five-fold fuel tax increase, to $1.06 per gallon, and a change to the depreciation schedule for a purchased business aircraft, from 5 years to 7 years.

The administration’s announcement came on the heels of a sweeping plan unveiled by the IRS for dozens of audits on companies using business aircraft, citing the need to ensure that “everyone is playing by the same rules.” NBAA has forcefully pushed back, noting that the IRS action is nothing more than an audit in search of a problem, and more broadly, that business aviation is an industry that deserves to be promoted, not pilloried.

“One voice is most important in this battle: yours.”

Business aviation is vital to America’s economy and transportation system. It plays a central role in driving job creation and economic development, connecting communities across the country, helping companies of all sizes succeed and providing critical humanitarian lift.

This is the message we have taken to Congress in partnership with labor organizations and other GA groups to counter the administration’s plans. We have mobilized grassroots organizations, including local chambers of commerce, to weigh in, citing the importance of business aviation in their communities.

While these efforts are essential, one voice is most important in this battle: yours. It is imperative that NBAA members echo the association’s message because Congress will ultimately decide on any onerous proposals for business aviation proposed by the administration.

NBAA has made it easy for you to tell your federal legislators that the administration’s plan is a bad idea for business aviation. Through our online Grassroots Action Center, you can send a customizable message to your senators and House representatives in just a couple of minutes. In other words, in only a small amount of time, you can make a very big difference on a matter of highest importance to our industry.

As we mark the year’s halfway point, we have repeatedly sounded this call to action, and the good news is that the response has been robust. That said, we need every voice to be heard on this matter – so, if you haven’t contacted Congress, please do so today. As the work continues to stop the administration’s plan for business aviation, we know we can count on your support to help shape our destiny.

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