Updated April 23, 2018

NBAA’s online Contact Congress resource helps people in business aviation make their voices heard about the policies most important to them. Members of Congress are most attentive to their constituents, who live and work in the states and districts Senators and House Members are charged with representing.

Update: GA Community Defeats Latest Airline Attempt to Control ATC

On April 23, NBAA members once again contacted Congress in record numbers to let elected officials know that any attempt by the big airlines to gain control of our nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system is simply unacceptable. Those efforts were successful and a dangerous amendment to the House FAA reauthorization bill that would have created an airline-dominated board to oversee the ATC system was removed. In addition, airline supported provisions to move the ATC system out of FAA to the Department of Transportation were also removed from the bill.

Both of these provisions were drafted in the dark of night, without any opportunity for public debate. Once NBAA learned of the threat, NBAA quickly mobilized members, who within hours, blanketed Capitol Hill with opposition and changed the debate on this thinly veiled airline attempt to advance their ATC takeover campaign.

Thank Congress for Opposing ATC Privatization

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of NBAA members, air traffic control (ATC) privatization is no longer being considered as part of FAA reauthorization. The options below allow you to email or tweet your elected officials to thank them for their efforts on behalf of the general aviation community.

Email Your Elected Officials

Thank your elected officials for opposing efforts to turn over the ATC system to an airline-dominated board and offer your support for a long-term FAA reauthorization.

Tweet Your Elected Officials

Send tweets to your elected officials thanking them for opposing ATC privatization as proposed in H.R. 2997.

Advocacy Resources to Oppose H.R. 2997

Remind Congress that our airspace belongs to the public and should be run for the public’s benefit, not a few special interests.