July 6, 2017

Love Field Pilots Association logo

Individuals and groups across the business aviation community are mobilizing against House ATC privatization bill H.R.2997, and urging countless others to do so.

As just one example, Sean Lynch, a board member with the Love Field Pilots Association in Dallas, TX, recently utilized NBAA’s Contact Congress resource to express his concerns about H.R.2997 to his elected representatives.

“This unprecedented corporate giveaway would give unchecked power and control of our airspace and billions of dollars in taxpayer assets to special interests at great expense,” said Lynch. “This corporation would be able to tell all stakeholders where and when they could fly.”

Lynch’s message further noted that the current ATC system, in which “all stakeholders have fair and equitable access to our airspace,” is the largest and safest airspace network in the world.

To add your voice to the tens of thousands of concerned citizens speaking out against H.R.2997 in letters, phone calls and social media, visit NBAA’s Contact Congress resource.