June 18, 2014

Nine governors this month issued official statements of support for aviation, including business aviation.

In his proclamation, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said general aviation (GA) sustains 22,650 jobs with a payroll of nearly $750 million. Colorado’s GA airports contribute $2.1 billion, or $479 per capita, to the state’s economy annually. Review the Colorado proclamation. (PDF)

In Delaware, Gov. Jack Markell and Lt. Gov. Matthew Denn jointly called GA a “vital strategic resource to the state and the people of Delaware.” The state’s 11 public-use airports contribute $989 million to the economy, $188 million from GA alone, and support 15,500 jobs. Review the Delaware proclamation. (PDF)

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter, of Idaho, said GA has an economic impact of more than $426 million in the state and creates 4,096 jobs with an annual payroll of $133 million. Review the Idaho proclamation. (PDF)

In Illinois, Gov. Pat Quinn said in his proclamation that GA contributes more than $4.4 billion to the economy and supports 54,887 jobs. “Many communities in Illinois depend heavily on general aviation and community airports for the continued flow of commerce, tourists and visitors to our state,” he noted. Review the Illinois proclamation. (PDF)

Indiana Gov. Michael Pence asked resident of his state to recognize the value of GA, which he said provides “vital access for Indiana businesses, both small and large, to the global marketplace.” GA supports more than 32,000 jobs and more than $1.78 billion in payroll to the state. Review the Indiana proclamation. (PDF)

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval noted in his proclamation that “business aviation is a critical tool for companies in Nevada to improve efficiency and increase productivity, and reach rural areas, thereby bringing new business, investment and jobs to all areas of the state.” Review the Nevada proclamation. (PDF)

Gov. Dennis Daugaard, of South Dakota, said the aviation industry in his state supports more than 7,000 jobs, $800 million in business sales and more than $250 million in wages each year.

In Washington state, Gov. Jay Inslee said the state’s 134 public-use airports support 248,500 jobs and $15.3 billion in wages and account for $50.9 billion in total economic activity. Review the Washington proclamation. (PDF)

Wyoming Gov. Matthew Mead noted that more than 115,000 individuals arrive in his state annually via GA aircraft, spending about $31 million per year. GA airports in Wyoming contribute more than $101 million to the state’s economy annually. Review the Wyoming proclamation. (PDF)

All 50 states have officially recognized the value of GA, including business aviation, through proclamations incorporating themes established through the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign.

Launched in 2009 jointly by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, No Plane No Gain educates the pubic on the importance of business aviation to the United States and its communities, companies and citizens.