Feb. 26, 2014

Six mayors, from the Pacific Northwest to the deep South, have declared February as General Aviation (GA) Appreciation Month, issuing official proclamations on the value of GA, including business aviation, to their communities.

Their proclamations follow those of leaders in 49 states who have similarly recognized general aviation, some several times, since the formation of the No Plane No Gain campaign in 2009. All proclamations cite one or more benefits of business aviation as promoted by that campaign.

Bingen, WA Mayor Betty J. Barnes cited the $4.3 million impact of GA within 25 miles of Bingen and the 88 jobs it supports in the area. “General aviation and local airports play a critical role in the success of our local businesses and the livelihood of our citizens,” she wrote.

Review the Bingen, WA proclamation. (PDF)

Chandler, AZ Mayor Jay Tibshraeny singled out Chandler Municipal Airport as providing “essential services…including access to medical treatment, disaster relief, firefighting and law enforcement” in his proclamation. Overall, general aviation helps drive Arizona’s economy, contributing $609 million annually.

Review the Chandler, AZ proclamation. (PDF)

Olive Branch, MS Mayor Scott B. Phillips, Jr. said his city recognizes GA and community airports as an “essential force that provides revenue, jobs and opportunity to the state’s economy.” Given his state’s geography, he added that “many businesses and communities depend upon general aviation” and the state’s 78 public-use airports.

Review the Olive Branch, MS proclamation. (PDF)

Oroville, WA Mayor Chuck Spieth acknowledged the “critical role” that general aviation plays in the success of local businesses. “Within a 25-miles radius of Oroville, general aviation has a local economic impact of over $3.2 million and supports 54 jobs,” the proclamation said. “The city of Oroville and the state of Washington have a significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation.”

Review the Oroville, WA proclamation. (PDF)

Shreveport, LA Mayor Cedric B. Glover noted that aviation drives Louisiana’s economy, improves the quality of life and transports business and leisure travelers to their destinations quickly and safely. Airports, such as Shreveport Regional Airport, play a “critical role in the lives of citizens our citizens, as well as the operation of our cities, parishes and businesses in Louisiana,” he said.

Review the Shreveport, LA proclamation. (PDF)

Tupelo, MS Mayor Jason L. Shelton highlighted the network of GA airports that connect rural populations in Mississippi. “A great many businesses and communities in Mississippi depend upon general aviation aircraft and small aircraft of all types for access to medical treatment, mobility, economic opportunity, disaster relief and a wide range of critical resources,” according to the proclamation.

Review the Tupelo, MS proclamation. (PDF)