April 22, 2016

Due to the closure of Taxiway B on the southwest portion of the airport, general aviation turbojet operations arriving from the north and west will be given the LEENA FIVE arrival in order to route them to the south side of the airport. Turbojet operators should file and plan on utilizing this procedure until the taxiway B construction is completed in early August.

The change to the LEENA FIVE arrival is due to the significant constraints of moving aircraft from the north complex to the south complex where the fixed-based operators are located.

The standard procedure for aircraft arriving from the north and west is to do the right downwind to Runway 24R. The LEENA FIVE arrival will transition aircraft to the south side of the airport for an arrival to Runway 25L.

For general aviation flights operating to LAX from an internal Los Angeles-area airport, Southern California TRACON will tactically manage the route in order to get them to the south side of the airport. The operational plan is to also utilize the LEENA FIVE for general aviation operations next year when Runway 25R is scheduled to be closed between January and May 2017.

Review FAA materials on the transition to the LEENA FIVE arrival. (PDF)