March 29, 2019

Our nation’s airports are the backbone of the country’s air transportation system, and must receive federal support to ensure their ability to meet current needs and projected growth, NBAA said in written testimony to the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in advance of a hearing: “The Cost of Doing Nothing: Why Investment in our Nation’s Airports Matters.”

“NBAA strongly supports continuing the commitment to investing in a strong national system of airports. We must maintain a healthy funding mechanism for airports of all sizes to meet changing demand and important safety and efficiency improvements,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen, who noted that general aviation airports in particular benefit greatly from federal grants.

“Not only are these airports able to maintain their facilities to meet FAA’s standards, but many are expanding their runways, acquiring land for development to meet growing demand and maintain efficiency, procuring the latest equipment and technology, and are complying with federal regulations, providing unrestricted access to all users,” said Bolen.

The United States leads the world in having the most robust and diverse airport infrastructure capabilities, which provide a critical foundation for general aviation to thrive, noted Bolen, adding that general aviation relies on the airport network to transport people and equipment, provide support in times of need and more.

“We commend the committee for recognizing the importance of our airports and look forward to working collaboratively to address the funding challenges of one of our nation’s greatest assets – its airports,” said Bolen. “The investment in general aviation airports is critical in ensuring success of general aviation in the near term and for future generations.”

Read NBAA testimony in its entirety.