Feb. 17, 2016

The National Weather Service (NWS) Aviation Weather Center (AWC) is replacing the textual products from the old area forecast product with improved graphical forecast products that should make interpreting the information easier, improving the safety and efficiency, said John Kosak, weather project manager at NBAA’s Air Traffic Services.

The AWC is asking for comments on the new product through April 11, providing an opportunity for NBAA members to provide input on an important weather forecast tool. View the new product.

The current product will remain available for the foreseeable future, as well.

“At this time they are only working to replace the FA for the continental U.S, not for Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico,” Kosak noted. “It is important that operators take the time to make useful comments regarding the appearance and content of information provided to allow the AWC to produce the best possible product for business and general aviation users.”

The following weather products are available to schedulers, dispatcher, crew members and any other interested parties; observations/warnings, thunderstorms, clouds, flight category (ceiling and visibility), precipitation, icing, turbulence and winds. Data reaches six-hours into the past so users can see the trends, while the hourly model data reaches out to 15-hours in the future.

When reviewing the new product, users should indicate the type of platform they are using, (Apple iPad, Android tablet, smartphone, MicroSoft Surface, etc.) as well as the operating system or browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) they are using. Review the product.

“This is one of many instances where the NWS asks for the input from the business aviation community regarding changes to information and how it is provided,” Kosak said. “If you’re interested in more opportunities like this, you can participate on the NBAA Weather Subcommittee as either a core member or a member-at-large.”

Learn more about the NBAA Weather Subcommittee.