Planning Telcon

The planning telcon is a planning telephone conference hosted every two hours by the ATCSCC. The purpose of this conference is to identify contraints to the National Airspace System (NAS) during the subsequent six hours.

The ‘Planning Team’ is comprised of FAA personnel at the ATCSCC, ARTCCs, and selected terminal facilities. NAS customer participation on the Planning Team consists of representatives from airlines, general aviation organizations, the military, NAVCANADA, and other international facilities. The team collaboratively develops the Operations Plan.

Operations Plan

The operations plan, updated every two hours following each Planning Telcon, is the plan for the daily operation of the (NAS). The Planning Team members present their ideas and concerns in order to develop an Operations Plan that explains the constraints and how they will be managed.

The Operations Plan is then published by the ATCSCC as an advisory after each Planning Telcon and it can be found on the Advisories web page at It can also be viewed from the OIS page by clicking the “+” symbol next to “NSST” on the left side of the page and then clicking on “Current Operations Plan”.

The following is an example of an Operations Plan: