NBAA Air Traffic Services (ATS) represents the interests of business aircraft operators from the floor of the FAA’s Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) to ensure equitable access to airports and airspace in the daily management of the National Airspace System (NAS).

NBAA currently is one of only three non-FAA organizations invited to staff positions inside the ATCSCC. The FAA invitation acknowledges that having business aviation representatives based inside the ATCSCC, in the form of NBAA Air Traffic Services, benefits both the FAA and the business aviation community.

NBAA ATS specialists engage in ongoing collaborative planning and information sharing with ATCSCC staff to help manage the flow of air traffic in the NAS. The participation of NBAA ATS specialists in the daily planning and execution of NAS strategy results in traffic management solutions that benefit the entire business aviation community – including companies like yours.

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Customization for Your Flight Department

NBAA Air Traffic Services recognizes that no two subscribers’ flight operations are alike.

Most ATS subscribers are traditional NBAA member flight departments that don’t have the resources to efficiently manage the many tools available to the ATS staff. For these subscribers, NBAA’s air traffic management specialists act as an extension of the flight department, aiding the busy scheduler or dispatcher with real-time NAS information and evaluation of the impact on the subscriber’s flights.

Larger flight departments can gain direct access to similar tools that are available to the ATS staff, so that they can efficiently manage their own fleets while utilizing the ATS specialists to handle their exceptions in real time.

Benefits for Your Company

With NBAA Air Traffic Services acting as a liaison to the FAA’s Air Traffic Control System Command Center on your behalf, your company will benefit by receiving:

  • Advance, accurate and detailed information for improved flight planning
  • Reduced ATC, weather and other delays throughout your flight operation
  • Resolution of crew, aircraft and passenger time-critical issues
  • More efficient operations and more satisfied passengers

As a subscriber, you will interact with NBAA ATS specialists regularly to work through issues together. Based on an understanding of your company’s mission, goals and specific needs, NBAA ATS will foster a collaborative relationship with your company that will allow it to anticipate and manage future issues on behalf of your company.

NBAA Air Traffic Services Gets Results

NBAA ATS has front-line access to real-time information at the FAA’s Air Traffic Control System Command Center regarding:

  • NOTAMs, TFRs, STMPs and security-related events affecting the NAS
  • Anticipated en route and terminal weather constraints
  • Reroute advisories and affected flights
  • Airway facility inspections, NAVAID outages and flight checks
  • Traffic management initiatives, and more

The ATS staff analyzes this information in order to provide real-time updates to NBAA ATS subscribers. In turn, subscriber-provided information is used by ATS specialists to determine NAS peak times and trends for the business aviation community to improve long-term NAS planning.

When the ATC System Command Center can accurately forecast NAS capacity to include business aviation customers, then it can react with the appropriate initiatives that are best for everyone’s operations – scheduled and unscheduled operators alike. This integration of scheduled and unscheduled demand results in a fair distribution of available resources, ensuring that the needs of ATS subscribers are met.