Nov. 20, 2014

The Puerto Rico Ports Authority (PRPA) has developed and published a Private Aviation Guide providing an overview of the island territory’s airport system. The guide contains information for pilots and operators on flying to, from and within Puerto Rican airports.

The PRPA owns and operates nine public-use airports in Puerto Rico, including Aguadilla (BQN), Arecibo (ABO), Ceiba (RVR), Culebra (CPX), Humacao (X63), Isla Grande (SIG), Mayaguez (MAZ), Ponce (PSE) and Vieques (VQS). These regional airports, most of which are non-towered, primarily serve general aviation aircraft, and collectively handle more than 220,000 operations annually.

The guide includes general operational information and an overview of the island’s airport system, including airport rates and tariffs, customs and immigration requirements and hours, available fuel service, FBO presence, availability of weather information, communication frequencies and VFR transitions through the San Juan Class C airspace.

Review the Private Aviation Guide (PDF)

In February of 2013, the FAA approved a privatization request by the PRPA allowing for a 40-year lease of Puerto Rico’s largest airport, Luis Munoz Marin International (SJU), to a private operator. To address concerns over the loss of revenue following the divestiture of SJU, and to ensure the PRPA’s ongoing ability to financially support the remaining GA airports, the approval was conditioned on a commitment by the PRPA to sustainably fund the regional airports. The development of the Private Aviation Guide stemmed from those efforts.

NBAA filed comments in the review process aimed at ensuring continued support for general aviation activities and fair access for GA operators within Puerto Rico. Review “FAA Approves Lease of Puerto Rico Airport to Private Operator.”