Feb. 12, 2024

NBAA has created a valuable resource for its members that details critical port-of-entry information at more than 300 general aviation (GA) airports across America.

The new GA Airport Fact Sheet tool collates hundreds of airport fact sheets created and distributed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). These fact sheets include office hours, service hours for entrance and clearance, contact information, permission to land procedures and key information about the inspection process for GA aircraft entering the U.S.

“One of the biggest issues clearing customs for the GA community is that no two ports of entry are exactly alike. There are many nuances in the procedures and processing standards at each airport, and that can be challenging when clearing customs, especially if you regularly use different airports as your entry point to the U.S.,” said Brian Koester, CAM, NBAA director, flight operations and regulations.

“These CBP facts sheets are a great way to document the expectations at each GA airport, and NBAA is happy to contribute its part to give business aviation operators an easy-to-use, one-stop resource where you can access the fact sheets while CBP creates its own online tool,” Koester added.

NBAA will update the archive regularly as CBP revises and releases new fact sheets. The tool is planned to be a temporary resource and will redirect users to CBP’s official website once it is active.

“The business aviation community is grateful to CBP for creating these important fact sheets and bringing much-needed transparency to general aviation processing standards and procedure,” said Koester. “NBAA will continue to support and promote CBP’s GA fact sheets and every other initiative that enhances the safety, security and integrity of our industry and the National Airspace System.”

For further information on national general aviation processing standards and procedures, contact GASupport@cbp.dhs.gov.