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Advocating for an Increasingly Global Industry

Since its founding, NBAA has continuously worked to foster the growth of business aviation in the U.S. and around the world. As the business marketplace, and therefore our industry, become ever-more globally integrated, the association’s work involves policy matters not just with implications for operations in the U.S., but for missions in other countries as well.

Take, for example, our recent advocacy concerning Ireland’s Dublin Airport (DUB), where the airport authority is threatening a ban on general aviation – including business aviation– to maintain an annual cap of 32 million passengers.

NBAA has partnered with the Irish Business and General Aviation Association (IBGAA) and the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) to win support among Irish government officials for U.S.-based companies operating business aircraft there. We’ve teamed up with these organizations to preserve access for business aviation – just as we do in the U.S. – recognizing that when one airport denies access to business aviation, it potentially sets a dangerous precedent for shutting down access at additional airports – an untenable situation.

“International concerns clearly demonstrate that the future requires our industry to match the accelerating pace at which the business marketplace is becoming global. ”

Another international concern is recent GPS spoofing activity reported in airspace outside the U.S., which has prompted the FAA to warn about possible electronic jamming attacks, especially in airspace above the Middle East and Caucasus regions, that could affect Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (TAWS).

In fact, NBAA is working with the FAA, OEMs and other experts who are monitoring these attacks to keep you updated on what you need to know. Business Aviation Insider has reported the latest information on spoofing as well as the industry’s best guidance on mitigating this potential threat.

Finally, a great deal of valuable insight on these issues is shared at NBAA events – most prominently at our annual International Operators Conference. This year’s IOC in Orlando, FL, will include the latest information on global risks and prevention – including GPS spoofing, mitigating airspace closures, dealing with cybersecurity threats and other important topics that impact your operations.

Overall, these and other international concerns clearly demonstrate that the future requires our industry to match the accelerating pace at which the business marketplace is becoming global. It’s important that NBAA’s efforts to serve our industry reflect that reality. You can count on us to do exactly that in the years ahead.

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