NBAA International Flight Plan Format Guide

The NBAA International Flight Plan Format Guide, tailored for international flight planning, is a comprehensive resource designed to streamline and standardize the process while ensuring global compliance. International flight plans are different and more complex than their domestic counterparts, requiring meticulous attention to detail. With an emphasis on industry-established standards and comprehensive recommendations, this guide serves as a foundational tool for assembling international flight plans. Developed with input from industry experts in flight planning and international procedures, it offers robust suggestions for flight planning providers and Part 91 operators, addressing common misunderstandings and complexities. When flight plan providers have thousands of options, it can be tough to know which are accurate and compliant. This guide outlines a compliant format that will be consistent across providers.

Using a standard format assures operators of compliance and expedites ramp inspections, allowing inspectors to quickly locate pertinent information. The suggested communication, navigation and surveillance codes distill a complex process into an easy-to-use checklist, facilitating smoother operations for flight crews. This guide aims to mitigate risks by providing clarity on essential elements, including standardized flight plan components; fuel allocation definitions and abbreviations; equipment capabilities; and navigation log content. By adhering to the industry best practices outlined in this guide, stakeholders can significantly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their flight planning processes.

Download the NBAA International Flight Plan Format Guide – Version 1 – March 2024 (PDF)