April 26, 2023

At the association’s request, the FAA recently extended to May 18 the comment period on draft Advisory Circular 91-67A – general aviation use of minimum equipment lists (MELs). The extension will allow for more NBAA members to review the AC and submit comments.

The AC describes acceptable ways in which an aircraft can be operated under Parts 91, 133 or 147 with certain in operative instruments and equipment items that are not essential for safe operation.

General aviation operators have been without guidance on the use of MELs since this draft’s predecessor was withdrawn six years ago.

“NBAA welcomes new proposed policy regarding the use of MELs by general aviation operators,” said Brian Koester, CAM, NBAA’s director of flight operations and regulations. “NBAA members have been eagerly anticipating this guidance since the FAA rescinded AC 91-67 in 2017.”

Review NBAA’s request to the FAA.

Unlike previous draft ACs on the topic, this draft does not propose eliminating the use of LOA D095, master minimum equipment list (MMEL), which allows Part 91 operators to use MMEL to legally fly with certain inoperative equipment.

LOA D195, MEL, is operator- and aircraft-specific and is commonly used by Part 91 operators to meet expectations of international aviation authorities.

The draft AC ensures both options remain available to meet the needs of different types of operations.

FAA representatives will be on-site at the 2023 NBAA Maintenance Conference May 2-4 in Hartford, CT, to discuss the AC and answer questions.

“NBAA encourages operators to review the draft AC and provide feedback to the association or directly to the FAA,” said Koester. “The two-week extension to the comment period allows NBAA to incorporate feedback from its membership, including attendees at the upcoming Maintenance Conference.”

Koester explained that while NBAA supports the draft AC overall, it is currently working with subject matter experts to develop comments addressing some member concerns.