August 24, 2016

Cheli Morrison

As she approaches her 20-year anniversary with Napa Jet Center, Director of Charter Sales Cheli Morrison credits the coursework provided by her NBAA Schedulers & Dispatch (S&D) Training Scholarship for giving her a better understanding of weather and flight planning and how to use that information to assist her with both crews and passengers alike.

Morrison, a graduate of Atlantic Union College outside of Boston, used her 2005 scholarship to complete a FlightSafety Licensed Dispatcher Course in October of that year. The license is not needed for a Part 91 or even Part 135 operation, so it is a testament to her dedication to Napa Jet Center customers, aircraft owners and employees that she has contributed to such a positive safety culture.

Morrison applied for both the Monetary Scholarship and the Training Scholarship in 2005. When asked about what advice she could offer anybody considering applying for a scholarship for the first time, Morrison advocated researching and following through: “Think about which scholarship would be of the most value to your current job and future aspirations and definitely consider applying for more than one scholarship.”

10 years later, Morrison isn’t done trying to improve her flight department. “I would like to work on the CAM next, time will tell!” she said.