Aug. 8, 2014

Beth Lerew

Beth Lerew was the first to receive an NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Scholarship. Like many of the recipients who followed in her footsteps, she used the award to move firmly toward achieving her professional goals.

When Lerew applied for an NBAA S&D Scholarship in 1997, her job responsibilities included scheduling 22 crewmembers, selecting FBOs, booking flights for six corporate aircraft and juggling administrative duties for a busy corporate travel office. In 1998, she became the first recipient of an S&D Scholarship and enrolled in the dispatch program at FlightSafety LaGuardia.

She admits that it had been a long time since she’d been in school, but she didn’t let this derail her professional development. During her quest to complete her dispatch certification, Lerew found the support she needed from peers in the NBAA S&D community, her employer and her family. The strong support system provided the springboard she needed to achieve her goal – and to acquire a new level of self-confidence. While she conceded that her coursework was at times “daunting,” Lerew emphasized that her experience as a scholarship recipient was rewarding and made a positive impact on her career.

“My training gave me the confidence and knowledge to carry on with my duties and eventually progress into Part 135 and freelance work.” said Lerew. “Education and experience are the two best tools for moving forward.”

Lerew currently works in customer service at Penn State University’s FBO in State College, PA. Her training and experience have allowed her to increase the level of professionalism within the organization and help mentor others who can benefit from her experience. As she looks forward to retirement in the next two to four years, she continues to seek professional development opportunities. Lerew’s advice for those considering applying for a scholarship or training award: “Do it!”