Aug. 3 2021

New this year, the 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) Maintenance Pavilion will provide maintenance vendors with an opportunity to obtain highly visible exhibit space dedicated to their segment’s products and services.

“Exhibit spaces at NBAA-BACE are nearly sold out,” said Linda Peters, NBAA’s vice president of exhibits. “This dedicated space offers maintenance exhibitors a unique opportunity to showcase their products and services and connect with current and potential customers.”

The Maintenance Pavilion will be located in prime exhibit-hall real estate, near the keynote speaker area, advanced air mobility zone and other big-draw attractions, including the indoor aircraft display. It also will be adjacent to the convention center exit to the outdoor airport display shuttle busses.

“The last two annual NBAA Maintenance Conferences were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Frequent attendees and exhibitors to that conference told us how much they missed the opportunity to come together,” said Stewart D’Leon, CAM, NBAA’s director of environmental and technical operations. “The new NBAA-BACE Maintenance Pavilion provides an opportunity for maintenance exhibitors to participate at NBAA-BACE in a budget-friendly manner within a dedicated space.”

Besides featuring maintenance service providers, the Maintenance Pavilion will host a silent auction to provide travel funds for recipients of maintenance scholarships. The amount of maintenance scholarship travel understandably declined during the pandemic, but it is beginning to pick up, as vaccination rates rise and travel restrictions ease.

“The new Maintenance Pavilion is a great idea,” said Greg Hamelink, senior manager of flight operations and maintenance for Stryker Corporation. “People like me will have one-stop access to a location where we can view all the latest products, talk with company representatives and even network with other maintenance professionals.”

“[This year] has been a wonderful year for Constant Aviation,” said company CEO David H Davies. “Not only did we start the year by celebrating our 15th anniversary, but business has been stronger than it was in 2019 and this summer we launched an exciting partnership with the National Hot Rod Association that has been key to employee engagement, recruiting and growth. We look forward to sharing more details with attendees who visit our booth and stop by our new AOG maintenance vehicle at NBAA this year.”

D’Leon added, “We wanted to do something special for the maintenance community this year because they missed out on dedicated in-person maintenance conferences two years in a row. We are thrilled to present this new opportunity and hope maintenance exhibitors – especially smaller organizations that aren’t always able to exhibit at NBAA-BACE – will take advantage of it.”

Learn more about exhibiting in the Maintenance Pavilion.

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