Feb. 7, 2022
Fort Worth, TX

Presenter: Bob Mason, Daedalus Group

Strategic planning is an essential part of every leader’s responsibilities, but too often it has become complex and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be.

Planning to Excel™ returns to the basics with a proven planning system that uses a unique proprietary model to make planning a logical, understandable and easy-to-implement process. The Planning to Excel™ model was originally developed in U.S. Air Force operations and maintenance organizations and has been successfully used in organizations of all sizes.

The Planning to Excel™ workshop guides participants through the planning model, providing all the tools necessary to create a practical plan to help their team excel. Participants will accomplish the following:

  • Learn a proven method of planning and goal setting they can use with their team and company.
  • Complete draft vision and mission statements for their department or team and understand how to use them as more than just quotes to hang on the wall.
  • Use a logical method to define challenging goals and objectives that will lead to greater team success.
  • Develop a critical implementation and follow-up strategy that keeps the plan front and center in the team’s daily activities.
  • Learn techniques to keep their plan relevant and front-of-mind.

Participants will receive Planning to Excel: Strategic Planning That Works, their guide to using what they learn in the workshop at home with their own teams.

This course fulfills NBAA PDP Objectives L1 and L2.