Feb. 26, 2024

The FAA recently issued updated guidance on the pre-application readiness process to receive an air carrier, air operator or air agency operations certificate or management specification (MSpec). The new guidance aims to reduce wait times and expedite the certification process.

FAA Notice N8900.867 focuses on the steps necessary to ensure applicants are fully prepared, with all necessary documentation in hand, when submitting their application to be operationally certified under 91K, 125, 135 and other parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

“[Flight Standards] has seen an increased trend with applicants who are not ready to begin the initial certification process and, as a result, has increased the certification processing time and overall applicant wait time,” the agency noted. “To help reduce wait time and streamline the approach, [we have] initiated a new process to determine applicant readiness for certification prior to being added to the [Certification Services Oversight Process] Applicant List.”

New FAA checklists detail each step and the relevant documents and resources to assist applicants in compiling the necessary information. The guidance also specifies that applicants who do not meet certain readiness requirements will be removed from the queue. These changes allow the FAA to better utilize its resources to focus on prepared applicants rather than waiting in queue.

“N8900.867 goes into great detail on what applicants need to have ready to undergo the certification review process,” said Noah Yarborough, NBAA operations manager. “This also includes how NBAA and other aviation organizations can help operators be ready for the application process through resources and guidance supplied to the industry.”

Requiring operators to meet pre-application requirements ensures applicants are serious about the certification process, ensures efficient use of FAA resources and reduces wait times for prepared applicants.

Those seeking to obtain operational or MSpec certification are encouraged to review FAA Notice 8900.687: Determine Applicant Readiness for Certification.