May/June 2020

NBAA's 12th Annual Safety Issue has stories on loss of control in flight, safety management systems for one-aircraft operators, guidance on runway excursions and more. Plus, this issue's featured member profile is with Auburn University Air Transportation in Alabama.


Business Aviation Lends a Hand During COVID-19 Pandemic

Right from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business aviation industry quickly joined the fight to stem the coronavirus. 
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LOCI: An Upsetting Situation

Loss of control inflight accidents continue to be the bane of business aviation. It’s time for the industry to reexamine its approach to upset prevention and recovery training.
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Slip Sliding Away With Runway Excursions

Runway excursions continue to be a problem, and not just during landing in bad weather. What can be done to mitigate them?
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SMS for One-Aircraft Operators

FlightPlan Stage 1, a new option for single-aircraft flight operators, is designed to provide a clear and simple pathway to IS-BAO Stage 1 registration.
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Member Profile: Auburn University Air Transportation

Auburn University's business aviation operation helps further the university’s research, academic and athletic success.
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President’s Perspective

NBAA Is Supporting Members in This Challenging Moment

As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, NBAA has taken quick action to provide support and solutions for members, from new communications services to legislative advocacy.
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Capital View

Enhancing Business Aviation Safety, Today and Tomorrow

Learn what steps business aircraft operators can take to enhance safety in NBAA's Q&A with NTSB Director, Office of Aviation Safety Dana Schulze.
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Regional Representation

Staying Out in Front of State Legislation

Heading off adverse proposals before they become legislation is an essential, if unheralded, part of an NBAA regional representative's job.
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Regulatory Hot Topics

Which Party Should Collect Federal Excise Taxes?

Recent IRS audits of Part 135 operators highlight the importance of following best practices for collecting and remitting federal excise tax on brokered charter flights.
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Flight Crews: Preventing DEF From Contaminating Jet Fuel

In response to the increased presence of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) at airports, business aircraft operators and FBOs are urged to implement best practices for the safe handling of DEF, which has been linked to some serious jet-fuel contamination incidents.
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Flight Crews: Understanding the Risks of Self Medication 

For pilots, the seemingly innocuous decision to self-medicate using over-the-counter remedies could have a dramatic impact on safety.
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Member Central

NBAA’s New Smart Newsletter Delivers Customized Content

NBAA recently launched an exciting new weekday news service – NBAA Insider Daily – powered by artificial intelligence to deliver must-read aviation stories to subscribers.
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New Horizons

Aviation Ground School in a Digital World

Learn how John and Martha King of King Schools fame have maximized the use of technology to educate aviators.
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