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Resources: Management

Management Guide

This publication helps aircraft operators deal with operational, maintenance, administrative and other issues. The 2022 edition features the new Appendix H, which addresses diversity, equity and inclusion issues.

Compensation Survey

NBAA’s invaluable financial planning tool provides detailed information about annual cash compensation, salary ranges and merit increases for those working in business aviation.

Business Aircraft Use Policy Guide

This resource details regulatory requirements for business, political and humanitarian use of aircraft. Use this resource to learn how to craft policies for aircraft access, personnel restrictions and pilot authority.

Ethical Business Aviation Transactions

This resource outlines best practices for ethical transactions involving business aircraft products and services, developed by business aviation professionals.

Aircraft Transactions Guide

This resource provides an overview of the wide range of regulatory, tax, financial and other issues that are part of aircraft acquisitions.

NBAA Business Aviation Management Committee

This group provides guidance on management issues to aviation managers in the NBAA membership. The committee’s advisory materials and management programs provide information on management trends, administration, personnel selection, training and more.

New Resources

NBAA Personal Use of Business Handbook

This members-only resource provides valuable tax and regulatory compliance strategies to use when a company makes an aircraft available for non-business use.

CAM Handbook

This guide provides the latest information on all aspects of the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) program, including the CAM exam, certification and recertification requirements and FAQs.

By the Numbers: Business Aviation Workforce Outlook 2023-2032

According to projections, tens of thousands of business aviation pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians will be needed worldwide by 2032 to replace retirees and to support growth to meet rising demand.

Nov/Dec 2023

Resources: 2023 NBAA-BACE

NBAA’s annual convention offers attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in all things business aviation.
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July/August 2023

Resources: Technology

Here are just a few resources that NBAA offers to help members stay current on new developments and to safely apply them to their businesses.
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May/June 2023

Resources: Safety

NBAA offers valuable guidance on several safety-related topics including inflight safety, hangar and ground safety, small-flight operators, single-pilot operations and the association’s Safety Manager Certificate Program.
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March/April 2023

Resources: International Operations

NBAA offers updated guidance and resources critical to effective international operations regarding ever-changing topics such as customs checklists, safety inspections, oceanic flight and security risk assessments.
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