NBAA Supports FAA Proposal for Scenario-Based Go-Around Training

A pilot is on the visual approach taking the aircraft all the way down to the runway, but just as wheels touch there’s a gust of wind, and they bounce out of the touch-down zone. But, the end of the runway is approaching, so what does the pilot do? “I think a lot of pilots think once the aircraft touches down ‘I am committed,’ but you’re not, you can go ahead and get out of there and perform the go-around maneuver at that point,” said JR Russell, chairman of ProActive Safety Systems and a member of NBAA’s Safety Committee. The committee supports a recent FAA Safety Alert for Operators, which encourages “scenario-based go-around training into pilot training curricula.” Listen to this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast for more on the importance of go-around training.

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