NBAA’s Efforts on DCA Access Endorsed

Contact: Cassandra Bosco

Orlando, FL, October 9, 2003 – The NBAA Board of Directors and President & CEO Shelley A. Longmuir said today that the Association vigorously supports its continued and sustained initiatives to regain access to Washington National Airport (DCA) for all security-qualified general aviation operators. NBAA is confident that these efforts will yield the best results for all general aviation operations.

NBAA’s leadership was responding to published comments by NATA which criticized NBAA’s efforts regarding access to DCA. Longmuir was heartened to note that NATA President Jim Coyne disowned NATA’s published remarks, saying that he was “surprised to read that NATA was criticizing NBAA regarding their joint efforts to gain access to DCA and [that these comments] do not reflect the position of NATA’s Board, its president or the association.”

Since 9/11, NBAA has been working in concert with the general aviation community and Federal authorities to restore access to DCA. These efforts have included the creation of the Federally-approved security protocols for charter operators (12-5 and private charter rules) and the Transportation Security Administration Access Certificate (TSAAC). NBAA has also aggressively promoted many legislative initiatives to facilitate access to DCA.

“We are committed to restoring access for security-qualified general aviation operations, including private and charter flights,” said Longmuir.

“These efforts have been well received by TSA as the best approach,” Longmuir continued. “We have never and will never favor one segment of the general aviation community over another. NBAA desires a successful outcome for all general aviation sectors.”

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