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Danielle Booth
Director of Sales, AVEX

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People told Danielle Booth she was crazy when she left a job in finance to follow her passion, which lead her to work in unmanned aircraft and then to her 13-year tenure at AVEX, the Southwest Distributor for the TBM. Booth now serves as the director of sales and marketing and was named by AOPA Pilot as “The New Face of Aircraft Sales.” Booth is a data specialist and created the AVEX AVM (Automated Valuation Model) for TBM Aircraft, an algorithm to predict the sales price of aircraft.

Booth is enthusiastic about the future generation of business aviation and serves as an adjunct professor in aircraft sales for the Aviation Technology Department at CSULA.

“Generational knowledge is a founding principal in aviation,” Booth said. “So much is owed to the generous aviators that paved the way for us, so it is extremely rewarding to be able to pass a little of that on to the next generation.”