Dustin Stephenson – 2022 Business Aviation Top 40 Under 40 Award Recipient

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Dustin Stephenson
Owner, Rocky Aviation

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Dustin Stephenson discovered business aviation almost by accident, enrolling in Corporate Aviation Management at the University of Central Missouri during his senior year in an aviation program. This discovery opened up a whole new perspective into aviation opportunities that he had not previously considered.

Stephenson is now an International G650 Captain at a global jet management company and also the owner/broker of Rocky Aviation, an aviation insurance agency, which he operates alongside his wife.

“One of my greatest joys is taking youth on aircraft rides in a Cessna 195 around the local airport or participating in an EAA Young Eagles event. I believe this is an inspiring way to start planting the ‘flying’ seeds at an early age. Additionally, I enjoy traveling and experiencing our world in a very unique way,” Stephenson said.