April 9, 2024

A new survey published by NBAA’s Young Professionals (YoPro) Council found the most valuable benefit members derive from council events is the opportunity to network with other business aviation industry professionals. Additionally, most young professionals – 72% of those who completed the survey – are interested in information that will help them advance their careers and professional development programs.

Launched in October 2023, the YoPro Member Survey was completed by 125 business aviation young professionals. It found that 80% of them use LinkedIn to receive the YoPro Council newsletter. Respondents also said the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) is the most popular event, while other aviation events also garner strong interest.

View the full survey results.

“We thought it was important to share this data with the industry,” said Noah Yarborough, NBAA manager, flight operations and co-staff liaison for the council. “A lot of people, not just in business aviation, but in the workforce as a whole, are talking about what the younger generation wants and is looking for in careers and opportunities these days.”

“Through this survey, we gained an invaluable perspective that sheds light on the everyday challenges faced by emerging talents in our industry,” said Ashley Granada, marketing manager and co-staff liaison for the council. “A significant number of respondents expressed the need for more resources in core areas of focus, including mentorship opportunities, educational and professional development resources, and a strong demand for more networking events to facilitate those meaningful connections and collaborations within the industry.”

The survey information will shape the programs the council offers to members going forward, she said.

“This includes continuing to provide resources for mentorship and professional development, as well as collaborating with our local and regional groups to further expand our networking events and provide young professionals with more opportunities to connect, share experiences, and forge meaningful relationships with not only other young professionals but seasoned industry professionals as well,” Granada added.

The Young Professionals Council is the leadership arm of NBAA’s Young Professionals in Business Aviation program. The council is responsible for planning events, developing initiatives and steering organizational direction. Members serve two-year terms during which they participate in one of several working groups that best fit their skill set.

NBAA’s Young Professionals in Business Aviation program was founded in 2014 to bring industry peers together in a forward-thinking organization dedicated to promoting ties between young people in business aviation.