YoPro) Fly-in to Capitol Hil 2023

Feb. 5, 2024

NBAA’s third annual Young Professionals (YoPro) Fly-in to Capitol Hill, set for June 26, will open the application process to all interested young professionals in an effort to involve more people in NBAA’s advocacy efforts in Washington, DC.

“The whole reason we’re opening this up, other than to just the [Young Professionals Council] is to really make the point that as young professionals our voices matter,” said Kim Kissh, co-chair of the YoPro Advocacy Subcommittee and a business aircraft pilot. “There are people who will listen to us, and I especially think there is power in numbers. The more the people the better.”

The group will start accepting applications Feb. 5, and as many as 100 young professionals will be accepted to take part in this year’s event.

“We don’t want to just attract a bunch of people who are in aviation,” said Kissh. “We want passionate individuals who want to make a difference and really know that they can make a difference.”

Attendees meet with congressional representatives to discuss issues of importance to business aviation. They leave congressional staff with information packets, prepared by NBAA, which include data on issues including workforce development, sustainability, regulatory challenges and emerging technologies. Attendees also will educate congressional representatives about the importance of business aviation to the nation’s economy.
“We are advocates for the different causes of business aviation and give names and faces to the economic impact and the jobs that are in this industry,” said Julia Harrington, who also is co-chair of the YoPro Advocacy Subcommittee.

The YoPro Capitol Hill Fly-in serves as an important part of NBAA’s overall legislative affairs efforts, said Ashley Granada, NBAA marketing manager and co-staff liaison of the YoPro Council.

“The NBAA Young Professionals Fly-In is not only one of the most important events our council conducts, but is personally something I look forward to all year,” said Granada. “If you have not had the chance to join us, this really is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences where a young professional comes out of this knowing that they have helped make a difference towards the future of our industry.”

Apply to take part in the NBAA YoPro Fly-In.

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