Fred McIntosh to Receive NBAA Staff Lifetime Achievement Award

Washington, DC – The Board of Directors of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has selected former employee Fred McIntosh as the second recipient of the NBAA Staff Lifetime Achievement Award.

This award recognizes McIntosh for his nearly 20 years of service to NBAA Members. In particular, it honors his overall dedication to the safety and efficiency of business aviation. During his career with NBAA, McIntosh was responsible for achievements that had significant, long-term affects on business aviation.

McIntosh’s immense number of contacts within the FAA helped shape business aviation operations of all kinds. Once at a meeting with FAA officials, then-NBAA President John Winant offered any assistance NBAA could provide. The FAA’s response was, “Give us Fred McIntosh.” He was held in high esteem for his honesty, integrity and doggedness in working issues through to their conclusions.

McIntosh’s most significant and enduring achievement in the early 1970s was as the architect of Subpart D of FAR Part 91 (now known as Subpart F). It became the first recognition of the status of business aviation in the Federal Aviation Regulations. The result was that Subpart D kept business aviation under FAR Part 91 instead of becoming a commercial activity.

In addition, McIntosh was a pioneer in developing NBAA’s noise-abatement techniques and recommendations. He tracked the establishment of noise criteria through development of better engines. McIntosh also worked on the Santa Monica airport noise issue, which attempted to place a ban on business aviation, and was involved in the White Plains Airport legal battle, which also proposed a night ban of jet aircraft operations. Both were resolved in NBAA’s favor, resulting in voluntary nighttime curfews rather than bans, creating good relationships with the surrounding communities and serving as examples for other airports.

McIntosh will receive the NBAA Staff Lifetime Achievement Award on October 9, 2003, during the Association’s Awards Banquet, which will be held at the close of the NBAA 56th Annual Meeting & Convention.

John A. Pope became the first recipient of the NBAA Staff Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001. To be eligible for NBAA’s Staff Lifetime Achievement Award, candidates must have been with the Association a minimum of 15 years and have made contributions that significantly served NBAA Members and the business aviation community.