The NBAA Recognition of Outstanding Excellence by a Local or Regional Group originates from the Local and Regional Group Committee as acknowledgement of outstanding excellence resulting from performance in one or more categories of achievement:

  • Legislative – Positive business aviation legislation passed as a result of group initiative and follow-through, such as the formation of a GA Caucus.
  • Advocacy through community outreach – For example, an Aviation Day resulting in positive public policy development or proclamations
  • Advancement of industry safety – Training programs or industry involvement that result in specific actions related to safety, such as safety training, that can be credited for the avoidance of an accident(s) or other safety incident(s)
  • Career/educational achievements – For example, career days, mentoring programs, organized intern programs, integration of the CAM program, PDP courses or scholarship successes resulting in outstanding measurable educational achievements. This includes students who are mentored into aviation careers and programs that can be identified as having specifically advanced the career of an individual(s) on a level of outstanding excellence.
  • Humanitarian/relief – Efforts resulting in successful preservation of life, property and livelihood

Past Recipients:








The Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted to the group’s regional representative and evaluated by the Local and Regional Group Committee. The nomination can be self-initiated by the group or by another group. Find your Regional Representative.

Qualification of outstanding excellence performance will be assessed as it relates to the performance of other peer groups across the country. Upon approval, a certificate of recognition will be authorized by the Local and Regional Group Committee and presented by the committee chairperson.

The certificate will be in the form of a plaque that can be displayed and with a removable document that can be reproduced for purposes of posting to the group’s website. View the certificate (2.8 MB, PDF).

The Nomination Deadline

Recognition will be presented as achieved at the most timely Local and Regional Group Committee networking session, i.e. networking meetings at BACE, Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference, Leadership Conference or the Local & Regional Group Roundtable.