July 11, 2023

Starting this month, Mexican Air Navigation Services (SENEAM) will ramp up enforcement on a long-standing policy to prohibit flight plans for aircraft registrations with outstanding overflight debts in Mexican airspace.

To ensure compliance, SENEAM is compiling a list of registrations with outstanding overflight debt that will go to its command centers nationwide, according to Fernando Apreza, handling success supervisor at Manny Aviation.

Aircraft with unpaid overflight debts may face temporary flight restrictions until the debts are resolved. All operators entering Mexican airspace are required to register with SENEAM, which issues an ID that endures proper record keeping, payment system registration and facilitates coordination between aircraft and the service.

These requirements will ensure the settlement of these debts and maintain efficient air traffic operations. By promptly paying Mexican overflight fees, SENEAM can continue to provide essential services and support airspace safety and efficiency.

By adhering to these requirements, operators can continue to meet the needs of their passengers with the undisrupted completion of their planned flights.

According to Juan Muniz, lead global regulatory service specialist at Universal Weather and Aviation, operators can contact SENEAM directly to register or check for outstanding fees. Contact SENEAM at: miguel.valles@sct.gob.mx.