IOC2024 Keynote Speaker Ron Mumm

March. 26, 2024

Amid continued growth of global business aviation, NBAA kicked off its three-day 2024 International Operators Conference (IOC2024) March 26 in Orlando, FL, with fanfare and enthusiasm aimed at connecting and networking to achieve success.

This year’s uplifting theme, “Aviate and Communicate – Bringing Inspiration to Your International Operations,” underscored the importance of the annual event as a key resource for achieving goals like improving safety, increasing sustainability and maintaining operational excellence.

“We’re excited to welcome our attendees to this 51st NBAA International Operators Conference,” said Brian Koester, CAM, NBAA’s director of flight operations and regulations. “More than ever before, NBAA and its International Operations Committee are making IOC2024 the ideal gathering place for international operators to connect, network and share inspiring ideas that can help this tight-knit community learn and grow as global aviators.”

“You know, we all learn something when we’re here,” said NBAA International Operations Committee Chair Nat Iyengar. “We all take our best practices and share that information.”

IOC Vice Chair Paul Scurio said the timeliness of the topics increases the value of the event. Session topics planned for the conference include new registration requirements for passengers entering the European Union, details on GPS spoofing and jamming, changes to oceanic clearances in the North Atlantic and more.

International Operators Are CLIMBING. FAST.

During his welcoming remarks, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen reminded attendees about business aviation’s important role in generating U.S. jobs, connecting communities and providing lifesaving humanitarian airlift in the wake of natural disasters.

“The business aviation community is a strong community,” Bolen said. “People help people and we do it together.” Bolen said an IRS campaign to unfairly target business aircraft operators for audits, and a White House proposal to increase fuel taxes on business aviation operators, amounts to an attack on the industry.

“It suggests that business aviation is excessive and unnecessary,” said Bolen. “That’s hardly the reality for 1.2 million people whose jobs depend on it. We’re an industry that should be promoted, not pilloried.”

Bolen urged attendees to make their voices heard and alert lawmakers about the threat to the industry. Review NBAA’s call to action.

Bolen also spoke about the new CLIMBING. FAST. advocacy campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the industry’s widespread societal benefits as well as its commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Teamwork Means ‘Assistance Instead of Resistance’

Keynote Speaker Ron Mumm – former commander of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team – shared inspiring stories illustrating the value of building a foundation for teamwork. Mumm gathered much of his insight on teamwork while taking part in the precise aviating required as a member of the iconic USAF precision flying squad.

“It’s important to offer assistance instead of resistance,” Mumm said. “Be passionate about performance and critique.”

On the idea of inclusion as an element of teambuilding, Mumm said it’s important to include everyone. “You want to get everyone you can on the team, and you want to make it as strong as it can be.”

International Operators Scholarships

At IOC2024, NBAA recognized eight recipients of the 2024 International Operators Scholarships. Learn more about this year’s recipients.