Oct. 17, 2022
Orlando, FL

Are your performance evaluations routine, humdrum and irrelevant to actual performance? Do your evaluations lack the value and impetus needed to make them worth your time? This course shows you how to capitalize on your team’s individual strengths while maintaining a strong safety culture. After this course you will be able to recognize and identify individual personality and communication characteristics, their thought processes, along with what motivates, stresses and de-stresses them. Miscommunication will be demystified, and the root causes of assumptions will be shared. Mitigating miscommunication and recognizing assumptions and biases are essential to subdue and resolve defensiveness. The course will walk through the performance evaluation process step by step, from planning performance based on agreed-upon indicators to the types of questions to ask to mentoring and coaching employees – both high performers and those who need a little extra assistance.

Registration for this event includes complimentary registration to the 2022 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE).

This course fulfills NBAA PDP Objective Human Resources HR 4.