Business Aviation Insider – May/June 2024
Cover photo of the SR Series G7 courtesy of Cirrus.

May/June 2024

Business Aviation Insider’s 2024 Safety Issue includes updates on three recent business aviation accidents that could reveal important, potentially lifesaving lessons for operators. Review best practices for preventing and fighting lithium ion battery fires in flight. Also, go behind the scenes as “America’s business airplane” – the first aircraft designated as Air Force One – undergoes a tip-to-tail refurbishment.


Lifesaving Takeaways From 3 Recent Business Aviation Accidents

Although aviation remains the safest form of travel, accidents continue to be an unfortunate and infrequent reality. Information stemming from crash investigations often spurs important discussions about ways to make operations safer. In fact, preliminary findings from probes conducted by the NTSB can yield valuable lessons.
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Inside NBAA’s Laser Focus on Safety

As risks to business aviation are identified, NBAA’s Safety Committee is positioned as a center of expertise, analyzing industry data and findings to shape the scope of the NBAA’s Top Safety Focus Areas.
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Inflight Lithium Ion Battery Fires: What Operators Need to Know

Virtually every business aviation flight includes at least one device powered by lithium ion batteries. At any time, these types of batteries could overheat, emit smoke, burst into flames or even explode – spewing bits of white hot gel in all directions. Experts say properly training flight attendants are often your first line of defense.
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The First Air Force One

Find out how the first aircraft to be designated as Air Force One was nearly lost in a desert boneyard before it was rescued by a dedicated and skilled group of aviation history buffs. America’s business airplane – a 1948 Lockheed Constellation VC-121A once used by President Dwight Eisenhower – is now well on its way to being fully restored as a flying museum.
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Aspiring Chief Pilots Should Have a Professional Development Plan

If your career goals include being a business aviation chief pilot, experts advise creating a professional development plan. Chief pilots offer tips on why it matters and how to start.
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Experts Share Tips on Mitigating Flight Crew Fatigue

Mitigating risk from flight crew fatigue is among the most challenging tasks for any business aviation flight department – especially Part 91 operations. Three experts shared their ideas on guidance and best practices.
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Best Practices for Involving Maintenance in SMS

Although some may have a misinterpretation that SMS is mostly aimed at pilots, experts point out that involving maintenance personnel is crucial to achieving the highest possible safety standards.
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Ground and Ramp Safety Can Make or Break Operations

Experts caution that airport ramp activities come with potential safety risks, including dangers surrounding fueling and servicing aircraft, as well as taxiing and towing. Industry experts offer ideas on ways to improve the ramp environment and ultimately elevate airport safety.
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Experts: AI Promises Safety Role in Business Aviation

Despite some skepticism in the business aviation community, experts are expressing optimism that artificial intelligence can serve several valuable roles contributing to safety as the technology matures.
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President’s Perspective

Battling a Bad Plan for Business Aviation

"In 2024, there has been no greater threat to the industry than the Biden administration’s troubling policy proposals for our sector," says NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen, "and it’s never been more important that we mobilize against the attack they represent."
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Flight Bag

Resources: Safety

Get access to the latest NBAA information and support aimed at improving business aviation safety, including data collection and sharing, single-pilot operations and the association’s Safety Manager Certificate Program.
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Capital View

Rep. Franklin’s Aviation Career Informs His Work in Congress

The Florida congressman who serves on the House Appropriations Committee, House Science, Space and Technology Committee as well as the House Veterans Affairs Committee flew jets from aircraft carriers for 26 years as a U.S. naval aviator.
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Regional Representation

Local, Regional Groups Key to Runway Safety

While some runway safety risks can be mitigated through technology, including lighting and markings and advanced technology in the aircraft, experts say education and awareness are often the biggest factors in mitigating runway excursions and incursions.
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Regulatory Hot Topics

SMS Mandate Published; Operators Encouraged to Plan Implementation

The FAA recently published its final rule mandating safety management systems for all Part 135 operators, certain Part 21 certificate holders and §91.147 air tour operators. The agency responded to industry concerns by extending the proposed 24-month compliance deadline to 36 months and reducing requirements for single-pilot operations. Despite the extended compliance timeline, experts suggest operators start preparing now.
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Pro Tips

Young Professionals: Developing and Practicing a Safety Mindset

Business aviation experts offered tips on becoming a vigilant partner in the industry’s never-ending crusade to improve safety. They also shared valuable perspectives on why incorporating a safety mindset into every task is more critical than ever.
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Experts Share Safety-Related Tips for Summer

Summertime means many things, but in business aviation, the summer solstice signals a jump in operations. Savvy flight departments are already preparing aircraft and crews for increasing workloads and temperatures.
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Teamwork Can Help Prevent Runway Incursions

Several high-profile runway incursion events over the past year are a reminder for pilots to deepen their understanding of proper airport ground movement and radio procedures to stay on top of their game.
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Member Central

Workers’ Comp Insurance Program Pays Millions

Old Republic Aerospace is pleased to announce its 2024 distribution of dividend payments, totaling more than $1 million for participants in the NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program.
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New Horizons

How NASA Is Helping to Define the Future of Business Aviation

Deputy Administrator Pamela Melroy discusses the agency’s role in electric aircraft and airspace integration.
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