Cover photo of the Cessna Citation Latitude courtesy of Textron Aviation.

Jan/Feb 2024

Business Aviation Insider’s 2024 Workforce Issue includes thoughtful strategies from experts for aviators thinking about applying for chief pilot positions. Other features explore opportunities that business aviation offers non-aviation professionals who are considering changing careers and how women are taking action to close the industry’s gender gap.


Making the Jump to Chief Pilot Without Getting in Over Your Head

Business aviators who aspire to become chief pilots should keep in mind that the job often comes with an array of added responsibilities that they may not be prepared for – unless they start planning now.
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Making a Mid-Career Switch to Business Aviation

Three talented professionals share their stories about how and why they decided a mid-career switch from non-aviation professions to business aviation was the right choice for them.
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Women in Business Aviation Could Be Key to Solving Workforce Challenges

Women are using networking, collaboration, mentoring and shared resources to close business aviation’s gaping gender gap. But is it enough?
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Rainbow Helicopters: A ‘Kuleana to Bring Help’

After Hawaii's devastating wildfires last summer, a Honolulu-based tour operator rushed supplies across the ocean to families on Maui – and kept relief coming through Christmas.
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Managing Passenger Expectations: Communicate and Offer Options

Smart planning, constant communication with principals and offering options for unexpected contingencies can prevent logistical headaches for business aircraft operators.
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Kern Award Winner Garry Melia: Safety Is a Collaborative Give and Take

A 24-year veteran of MassMutual flight operations, Garry Melia offers his perspective on maintaining good safety practices through effective leadership.
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Kern Recipient Reflects on Safety Keys That Served Him Well

NBAA 2023 Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award recipient Boyd Brokaw believes patience and communication form the foundation of effective flight deck resource management.
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Kern Award Recipient Built a Legacy of Sharing Pilot Safety Skills

With each of his many assignments, retired Air Force Col. Lee “Monty” Hall has gained valuable inflight safety knowledge that he has shared with countless students over the years.
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A Healthy Workplace Culture Can Attract, Maintain Talent

Business aviation operators must pay competitively to attract qualified job candidates. But experts say to retain top talent they have to offer a healthy workplace culture, too.
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Kern Award Recipient Grover: Teamwork Is Essential for Safety

For Capt. Max Grover, safety has been his guiding influence from the start of his business aviation career. Over the years he’s learned that safety is about teamwork.
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President’s Perspective

Climbing Fast Into the New Year

Business aviation faces a legislative and regulatory landscape in 2024 that offers both challenges and opportunities. A new campaign sets the record straight on the industry’s sustainability leadership while showcasing business aviation’s societal benefits, innovations and workforce opportunities.
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Flight Bag

Resources: Workforce Development

NBAA has numerous resources and programs to help industry professionals meet current and future workforce challenges.
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Capital View

Air and Space Museum Chief Talks Bizav, Sustainability

Christopher U. Browne reveals how the iconic facility is doing its part to highlight business aviation for the next generation as well as how the industry can continue to grow with sustainable operations.
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Regional Representation

Scholarships Open Doors to Business Aviation’s Future

As the industry tries to meet workforce challenges through career fairs, mentoring and other strategies, local and regional business aviation groups are also using scholarship programs to offset the cost of flight training and professional development courses.
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Regulatory Hot Topics

FAA Part 135/Part 380 Notice of Intent Sparks Concerns

Potential changes suggested in the agency’s NOI could disrupt public charter operations conducted under on-demand Part 135, jeopardizing service options in small communities, unnecessarily threatening long-standing industry business models and hurting innovative and emission-free emerging technologies.
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Pro Tips

Young Professionals: Consider Career Paths in Safety Roles

Codification of safety management systems for business aviation is increasing the number of safety specialties in the sector and, as a result, increasing the number of job opportunities. Experts share the details.
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Schedulers: Remote vs. Office – Which Is Best?

Do the advantages of working from home outweigh the upsides of being on site? Veteran schedulers share their opinions.
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Flight Crew: Training Should Include Professional Development

The complexity and rapid rate of change in business aviation requires training beyond what we typically think of, experts say.
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Member Central

NBAA Offers Marketing Assistance to Members

The NBAA Website Retargeting Program helps organizations maximize ad spending by keeping advertiser brands top of mind and helping them consistently connect with potential customers across their buying journey.
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New Horizons

Dr. Anita Sengupta: Hydrogen Electric Aircraft Are Coming

The award-winning founder and CEO of Hydroplane Ltd. describes her mission to provide electric aviation with a platform that offers regional range.
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