Tips for Flying to Mexico

Cabotage rules in Mexico are different from those in other countries, but if operators keep some simple regulations in mind, their trips should go smoothly. “The two basic rules to always remember is that a charter or non-scheduled operator cannot make more than two stops within the country,” said Juan Muniz, manager of global regulatory services at Universal Weather and Aviation. “And the second part is that a passenger that is transported into Mexico on one charter or non-scheduled commercial operator cannot be transported out of the country by a different one.” Juan Muniz explains Mexican cabotage rules in this episode of NBAA’s Flight Plan podcast.

Podcast Episode

March/April 2023

Increasing Traffic Will Impact Flights to Canada

Business aviation flights from the U.S. to Canada have increased significantly in the past year and many operators are seeking timely information about possible regulatory changes impacting trips north of the border.
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November 21, 2022

CBAA, NBAA Express Concerns with Ligado Canada Implementation Proposal

The Canadian Business Aviation Association and NBAA are concerned with a Ligado Canada application to operate an Ancillary Terrestrial Component in a band that could negatively impact aviation safety.
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September 6, 2022

Operators: Prepare for Reservation Caps at Toronto Airport

Business aircraft operators traveling to Canada’s Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) will need to plan ahead due to construction in the fall of 2022.
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July/August 2022

Stay Abreast of Canada’s Evolving COVID Requirements

Evolving travel and entry requirements continue to challenge business aircraft operators flying into Canada more than a year after the country reopened to international travelers.
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