July 1, 2015

NBAA has launched a job analysis survey for the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) program, inviting aviation professional to take part in the survey.

More than 9,000 contacts – including current CAM holders and other individuals identified as aviation managers – have received an email invitation with a link to participate in the survey. Participants will be eligible for a number of prizes, including CAM preparation materials, vouchers for continuing development courses and even an Apple Watch.

“This is an opportunity for participants to share their opinions on the role of the CAM,” said Dana Anderson-Pancoe, associate director of research and development at Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc., the company managing the survey on NBAA’s behalf. “NBAA and the CAM Governing Board don’t determine CAM qualifications unilaterally. This survey helps the Association and board clearly understand the role of the CAM, especially as it changes over time.”

The job analysis survey is not only important for maintaining accreditation status – it is also critical to ensuring the CAM program is relevant and up-to-date, with skills and issues essential to the industry. For example, job analysis survey results from 2003 led to the CAM Governing Board adding safety management systems and other new concepts to the CAM exam.

“It is crucially important that individuals in the industry who are doing this kind of job verify by participating that we are meeting the right criteria when choosing the CAM requirements,” said Mark Chaney, CAM Governing Board member, chair of the Job Analysis Survey Committee and director of aviation at Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated. “We need this [new] data to ensure the CAM program is valid. We want the CAM program to be valuable to the aviation community, and if it’s not valid, it’s not valuable.”

Responses will be held in strict confidence and used only for the purposes of maintaining the CAM program accreditation and updating the CAM testing requirements.

The CAM program prepares business aviation professionals for management roles within a flight department. In 2013, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies accredited the program. Read more about CAM’s certification.

For more information on participating in the survey, contact the CAM Administrative Director Jay Evans at jevans@nbaa.org.