Aug. 29, 2014

NBAA has recognized the growth and effectiveness of local and regional business aviation groups by establishing a new Local and Regional Group Strategic Focus Team and a new Local and Regional Group Committee.

“NBAA is pleased to further support the volunteer efforts of the many local and regional business aviation groups as they advocate for business aviation across the country,” said Ed Bolen, NBAA president and CEO. “The formation of an NBAA Strategic Focus Team specifically for local and regional groups, and the new Local and Regional Group Committee, underscores the importance of the advocacy efforts that these groups are involved in and the close working relationship that they have with NBAA’s regional representatives and staff.”

Don Hitch, who will chair the new Local and Regional Group Committee, noted that NBAA has for quite some time recognized the immeasurable value of the local and regional group organizations.

“It will be our goal to help strengthen the networks between the groups throughout the country,” said Hitch. “NBAA will continue to support the groups by helping to connect them with each other and providing them with materials, forums and other ways to enable them to communicate the importance and value of business aviation. I am excited to be part of this new chapter.”

According to Steve Hadley, NBAA’s regional program director and staff liaison to the Local and Regional Group Committee, the regional groups have not only partnered with NBAA to grow and enhance their effectiveness, but have partnered and shared resources and information with each other.

“We have seen increased participation in the regional group networking sessions at NBAA conventions, the quarterly mentoring sessions hosted by NBAA, as well as the growth of the Local and Regional Group Roundtable to an annual full-day meeting attended by an ever-increasing number of group representatives,” said Hadley.

“The more mature and experienced regional groups are taking the newer groups under their wing and sharing their knowledge, which is allowing new groups to grow and make organizational decisions without having to reinvent the wheel,” added Hadley. “For us at NBAA, it was an easy decision to create a new committee and strategic focus team that will support the efforts of the nation’s regional business aviation associations and recognize the level of maturity and organizational development they have achieved.”

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