May 18, 2017

Runway 17L/35R at Denver’s Centennial Airport (APA) will be closed for a major construction project, which will include a complete resurfacing of the entire length of the runway. The closure is scheduled between May 30 and July 6.

Operational Impacts:

  • During the closure, Runway 17R/35L will be the primary arrival/departure runway (Runway 10/28 will be used primarily for small aircraft)
  • The use of Runway 17R/35L may result in departure delays up to 30 minutes during times of peak demand.
  • There are no high-speed exits available on Runway 17R/35L, which will require increased miles-in-trail on final to allow aircraft to exit the runway after landing, as well as to depart any waiting aircraft.
  • There are no precision approaches to either Runway 17R or 35L, requiring the use of circling/sidestep approach (with increased minimums) during LVMC and IMC conditions.
  • There will be limited taxi routes between the ramp areas and Runway 17R/35L, which could lead to time periods of increased ground congestion.
  • During phase one of the construction, all connectors to Runway 17R/35L will be closed with the exception of A8 and A14. During phase two, all connectors to Runway 17R/35L will be closed with the exception of A4 and A16.
  • Runway 28 may be available for arrivals on a case-by-case basis after considering the wind speed/direction and the arrival/departure demand.
  • Practice approaches (VFR/IFR) will be extremely limited or unavailable. Requests for practice approaches will be handled on a case by case basis and will be dependent on traffic demand.

ATC Air Traffic Management Initiatives

During the runway closure, the standard arrival and departure acceptance rates will be reduced by 50 percent due to the surface and operational constraints. Possible ATC initiatives include the following:

  • Mile-in-trail restrictions
  • Time-based flow management
  • Fix balancing

Flight operators should monitor the current NOTAMs for any changes to taxiway/runway closures and operational impacts.

Learn more about the project. (PDF)