Updated Oct. 31, 2023

NBAA encourages business aircraft operators to plan early if they will be flying into or out of the greater Las Vegas area Nov. 14-21, as the city’s airports expect an unprecedented high volume of aircraft for the debut Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The Clark County Department of Aviation is enforcing a parking reservation program for General aviation at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), Henderson Executive Airport (HND) and North Las Vegas Airport (VGT) from Tuesday, Nov.14 (0000 hours) until Tuesday, Nov. 21 (1159 hours). View the county’s information guide.

Prior permission required (PPR) restrictions will be in effect throughout that period.

Review the Clark County Department of Aviation Special Event PPR and Departure Concept of Operations.

“If you land without PPR, you will not be permitted to deplane passengers. You will have to depart immediately or, if additional fuel is needed to continue to another location, you will be permitted to upload fuel,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA senior director, air traffic services and infrastructure. “PPR will be strictly enforced to maintain order for what will be an extremely high number of operations.”

Drop-and-go operations at LAS must receive a drop-and-go PPR from an FBO and enter that PPR number into block 11 remarks of their flight plan. Based tenants also will be issued a PPR number that should be included in block 11.

The FAA will soon publish a related NOTAM with additional details. While no reservation or slot system will be in place for the event, the agency will tactically manage the traffic flow through traditional management tools.

PACER is a departure management system that allows pilots to select anticipated departure times and avoid high-traffic departure windows, will provide pilots with real-time departure constraints. Pilots and operators are strongly encouraged create an account through the website and use the information to better manage their departure times and expectations. Learn more about PACER.

Review the LAS-HND-VGT PACER Guide.

“The Clark County Department of Aviation, city of Las Vegas and FAA expect an incredible turnout for this event, so we ask operators and pilots to be prepared and use all available tools to ensure a safe, successful trip to the Grand Prix,” said Williams.