Nov. 16, 2015

With loss of control in flight (LOCI) accidents resulting in more fatalities in business and commercial operations than any other category of accident over the last decade, reducing LOCI is a priority of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and aviation professional organizations across the globe. The NBAA Safety Committee Single Pilot Safety Working Group produced this video and story of John, a single owner-pilot who finds himself in a loss of control situation.

This custom-produced video was shot in an Embraer Phenom 300 single-pilot simulator, and is designed to provide insight into the factors that can add up to a loss of control situation as well as some suggestions for mitigation.

This video is intended to serve as a guide and as an example to provide pilots and ATC personnel some feedback of what goes on inside the cabin as well as in air traffic control stations.

Companion Presentation

In addition to producing the video, the NBAA Safety Committee created the following companion PowerPoint presentation to further highlight the threats, errors, and recommendations incorporated into the video to enhance its service as a training aid on loss of control inflight.

Alone in the Cockpit Companion Presentation (101 KB, PowerPoint)

Additional Training

The Loss of Control Inflight Education Video Series expands on the content of Alone in the Cockpit. In this series of eight videos, Paul BJ Ransbury, president of Aviation Performance Solutions and lead of the NBAA Safety Committee LOC-I Working Group, guides viewers through the hazards that can lead to LOC-I incidents and safety techniques that help mitigate this threat.

Loss of Control Inflight Education Video Series