Promoting the Promise of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Oct. 7, 2019

As the only commercial airport located within a national park, officials at Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) are acutely aware of the importance of limiting the carbon footprint from airplane traffic at the airfield. In what amounts to a reflection of the industry’s overall commitment to sustainability, the airport recently hosted an to demonstrate the viability of sustainable aviation fuel, which was provided by Avfuel. “We pay special attention to our impacts, and the chance to have sustainable fuel here at the airport to give a glimpse in into the future for our customers was very, very important,” said airport Executive Director Jim Elwood.

In this episode of NBAA Flight Plan, host Pete Combs speaks with:

  • Keith Sawyer, Avfuel manager of alternative fuels
  • Jim Elwood, Jackson Hole Airport executive director

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