Six Months to CAM is a structured study online program designed to help candidates successfully prepare for the CAM exam. It is not an education course where you will learn exam content each week, because NBAA cannot teach exam specific content. Instead, the program will provide direction and recommendations for your studies, opportunities to connect with other candidates and subject matter experts, as well as provide a timeline to keep you on track with your exam preparation.

Intended Audience

Six Months to CAM is intended for experienced aviation professionals who are actively seeking their CAM. Review the CAM Application to ensure you are eligible for the CAM exam, because taking the exam is an important part of the program. This is a great option for people who want community support, are timeline motivated, or just want some added direction for their studies.

Program Components

Program participants will receive a six-month study outline along with a complete list of exam reference material to provide a focused plan for their studies. A CAM self-assessment will be provided at the start of the program to help participants identify individual strengths and weaknesses so that they can tailor their studies effectively. The program is structured with seven sections, each focused on a different topic including each of the CAM domains, setting up your study plan and preparing to test. Each section is given dedicated attention for three to four weeks before moving on to the next section. For each domain specific section, participants can expect:

  • Live conversations with past Six Months to CAM participants who will provide insight into how they found success within each CAM domain
  • Ability to join a study group with other 6 Months to CAM participants
  • Webinars focused on breaking down domain specific sample test questions
  • Virtual coffee chats which will offer the opportunity to connect with other participants, current CAMs and NBAA staff
  • Weekly reading guidance highlighting where you can find CAM domain items in each CAM exam reference

Participants will also have the opportunity to join a digital study group of their peers on the same exam schedule. This is an optional part of the program for those who would like a smaller community for accountability and support. A 10% discount on all of NBAA’s in-person PDP offerings is also offered to participants for 12 months starting at the beginning of the program.

Additional Considerations

  • Six Months to CAM does not guarantee success on the CAM exam, nor does it take the place of the hard work expected of potential CAMs.
  • The Six Months to CAM program does not include all CAM reference materials. Review the full CAM references that were used to develop CAM exam questions.
  • Six Months to CAM is not an education course. NBAA cannot teach exam-specific content. Instead, NBAA can point you in the right direction, keep you on track, provide recommendations and access to subject matter experts.
  • NOTE: Six Months to CAM participants will test at the completion of the course. CAM exam must be taken by Jan. 31, 2025, following the conclusion of the program.
Registration closes June 24, 2024.