Sept. 12, 2014

After years of planning and construction, the new south parallel Runway 10R/28L will open on Thursday, Sept. 18 at Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). While the new runway will become operational, surface constraints will remain for the next several months as the airport finishes the mid-field taxiway infrastructure.

Over the next several months:

  • Taxiway J at the east end of Runway 10R/28L will remain closed due to construction with an expected completion date of Dec. 1, 2014. While the east end of Taxiway J is closed, airport officials will utilize Runway 10R/28L as an arrival or departure runway only.
    • East configuration: The airport will use the runway for departures only (depart 10R). Some small/light aircraft may land on RWY 10R if needed.
    • West configuration: The airport will use the runway for arrivals only (land 28L).
  • Continued construction on the internal mid-field taxiway infrastructure is expected to last into mid 2015. Operators should monitor NOTAMs for up to date changes to the taxiway structure.

This web page will be updated as taxiway construction progresses into the summer of 2015.