Teterboro Airport

Aug. 8, 2017

The new RUUDY SIX RNAV departure for Teterboro Airport (TEB) will be implemented on Thursday, Aug. 17, and will replace the RUUDY FIVE RNAV departure. The RUUDY RNAV departure was revised to enhance navigational guidance, accuracy and clarity. This departure procedure primarily departure used when Teterboro is on a south flow departing Runway 24.

The changes to the RUUDY SIX RNAV DP are noted as follows:

  • The instruction to fly a 240-degree heading to intercept the 260-degree course to WENTZ has been replaced with an instruction to fly a 240-degree heading to 520′ MSL and then direct to a new fix DAVIM, which lies along the extended runway centerline. This modification from VI-CF (heading to intercept – course to fix) to VA-DF (heading to altitude – direct to fix) is designed to enable earlier course guidance and minimize or eliminate lateral deviations that occasionally occurred using the previous procedure.
  • TASCA and its crossing restriction of 2000′ have been removed, as the fix was redundant and served no ATC purpose. Instead, after crossing WENTZ at 1500′, the aircraft is to simply climb to the top altitude of 2000′ as specified in the procedure.
  • Charting enhancements to improve clarity and eliminate misinterpretation of the 1500′ altitude constraint at WENTZ.

The following are recommendations to ensure procedural compliance.
Pilots should ensure that LNAV mode is either “armed” prior to takeoff or activated no later than the 520′ “at or above” altitude constraint on the departure.

  • Pilots should ensure that the altitude pre-selector is set to the proper initial level-off altitude, depending on whether VNAV guidance is used. If VNAV is not used or is not available, the altitude pre-selector should be set to 1500′ to ensure level-off at the published altitude constraint at WENTZ. If VNAV is used, the altitude pre-selector may be set to 2000′. However, VNAV mode should be “armed” prior to takeoff or engaged concurrently with selection of the LNAV mode after takeoff.

    Note: The previous takeoff minimums for Runway 24 have changed to standard with minimum climb gradient of 500′ per nautical mile to 520′.

    Pilots who do not have or are unable to execute the RUUDY SIX RNAV DP will be issued the TETERBORO TWO DEPARTURE.

    The RUUDY 6 will be disseminated in the Aug. 8 navigation and chart database cycle, and will be implemented on Aug. 17.